Visual Portfolio

Duplicate File Detector/Pruner (C#, Windows Forms)
Class Method Functor Delegate (C++)
Generic Amortized AStar Framework (C++)
Deferred Finite State Machine (C++)
Deferred Finite State Machine (C#, Unity Engine)
Predictive Aim Method(C#)
Elliptical View Cone Method (C#)
Line Intersection with Sphere Approximation (C#)
Simple Move Duplicates (Perl)
Simple Move non-mp3 Duplicates (Perl)

Articles and Presentations:
Game Programming Class Slides
Optimizing AI for The Magic Circle
Interview with Daniel Paredes of Infinite Lives Productions
Predictive Aim Mathematics for AI Targeting
A Game Studio Culture Dictionary
Mushroom Men Combat Diary Pt.1
Mushroom Men Combat Diary Pt.2
How to Run Your Company Into the Ground
Austin Games Industry Microtalk (with speaker notes)
Motivation and Games Through the Looking Glass (with speaker notes)
Intentional Creativity for Maximum Damage (with speaker notes)
Designer-Centric Engineering Values