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Currently co-owner/tech lead at Question Games

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Shipped Titles

The Blackout Club
[2019: Windows/PS4/XboxOne] C++ Unreal Engine
Game Developer
The Magic Circle
[2015: PC/Mac/Linux] C# Unity Engine
[2016: PS4/XboxOne] C# Unity Engine
Game Developer
Mobile Applications [2014: Android/iOS] Java, Javascript, C#
Independent Contractor
[2012: PC/360/PS3] C++ Unreal Engine3
Core AI/Gameplay Programmer
Ghostbusters Wii
[2009: Wii] C++ Infernal Engine
Gameplay Programmer
Mushroom Men
[2008: Wii] C++ Infernal Engine
Lead Programmer
Thief: Deadly Shadows
[2004: Xbox] C++ Modified Unreal2
UI/Gameplay Programmer
Deus Ex: Invisible War
[2003: Xbox] C++ Modified Unreal2
UI/Gameplay Programmer
Microsoft Casino Series
[2000-2002: PC] C++ DirectX7

AI Psychology Simulation

Patrol routes

Ambient behaviors


Combat positioning

Attack selection
and timing

Search positioning

Reactions to
player actions

Animation Integration and Locomotion

Ground locomotion
with complex traversal

Non-blocking cinematics
integrated with
unpredictable gameplay

Body mechanics

Swimming (and flying)

Pathfinding integration

Flight Navigation using
Custom dynamically-generated
A* 3D NavGrid

Gameplay Actions and Physiology Simulation

Combat teleport

Attractor beam

Wrist darts

Dodge and

Combat Aim

Ranged combat
positioning on
or off the
navigation mesh

Attack interactions

Damage responses

Gameplay Systems and Workflow

Data driven NPC
differentiation of
behaviors, abilities,
and physiology

Scalable code and
data maximizing
concurrent edits

Intimate knowledge
of AI architectures:
HFSMs, Behavior Trees,
GOAP, and Blackboard

Sprite animation
composer tool

Data driven
input systems

Data driven UI

User Interface

Choice menus



Front end

Master Generalist

Memory and Performance

Proton beam

Split screen

Physics integration

TCP/UDP hybrid

Dead reckoning
lag compensation

Undulating kelp
vertex shaders


Card game engine